Ableton Certified Training

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Specialized classes also available.

Live 9: Basic Workshop

  • The Geography of Live: A Tour of the Ableton Interface
  • Warping Audio in Live: Time-stretching, Beat-matching and more
  • Audio Clip Properties & Looping: Sample Playback and Loop Cutting
  • MIDI Clips & the Note Editor: Writing Music with Live Clips
  • MIDI Quantization & Drums: Building Rhythms and Drum Tracks
  • Using Audio Effects: Tweaking Your Sound
  • MIDI & Key Controls: Using Live with MIDI Controllers
  • Recording Your Session: Committing Session View Actions to the Arrange View
  • Editing Your Arrangement: Refining Your Production in the Arrange View
  • Customizing Global Preferences: Making Live Your Own

Live 9: Intermediate Workshop

  • Creative Warping: Abusing the Warp Markers
  • Clip Envelopes: Non-Destructive Sound Design
  • Launch Modes & Follow Actions: Triggering Clips and Sequences
  • Routing & Group Tracks: Directing Your Signal Flow
  • Drum Racks: Slicing Samples with Live's Ultimate Rhythm Tool
  • Simpler: Flexible Sample Manipulation
  • Impulse: Live's Instant Drum Machine
  • Hot Swapping: Browsing New Sounds, Effects and Grooves on the Fly
  • The Groove Pool: Shuffle, Swing and Timing
  • MIDI Effects: Live's Little Helpers

Live 9: Advanced Workshop

  • Instrument Racks: Layering Sounds for Dynamic Timbres
  • MIDI Effect Racks: Generative Musical Tools
  • Audio Effect Racks: Spectral Processing and Dynamic Effects Layers
  • Sidechaining: Make Your Beats Breathe
  • Using VST/AU Plug-Ins: Making the Most of 3rd-Party Instruments and Effects
  • Integrating External Hardware: Using Your Gear with Live
  • Dummy Clips: Triggering Programmed Automations in the Session View
  • Advanced MIDI Editing: Step Recording, Note Stretching and more
  • Advanced Arrangement Editing: Freezing, Flattening and Mixing
  • File Management: Making Live's File Manager and Browser Work for You